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Do you have a card collection you'd like to keep track of digitally? Join our database of cards on Kardmania.

Kardmania is your online encyclopedia for trading card sets.

Basic membership is free and all are welcome. Additional features are available for fee-based memberships, such as real-time valuation for your cards.

Trading Card Categories

  • Sport
  • Non-Sport
  • Arcade Cards
  • Playing Cards
  • Postcard

Whatever your unique interest in card collecting may be, Kardmania is here to help you reach your aim.

Do you cherish a goal of assembling every set, with all available variations, for a complete collection?

Do you wish to collect a full set related to one theme?

Are you searching for a rare card that seems impossible to find?

All goals related to card collecting on any level can be realized here.

Navigating Kardmania

For all categories you can expect to find these aspects listed:

  • set title.
  • company who produced the set.
  • year (or era) the set was produced
  • number of cards to complete the set
  • size of the card (exact or approximate, as they vary)
  • ACC (or other) catalogue number
  • checklist (when available, sometimes partial) *Note: help with this is welcome
  • illustrations (front and back).

Some statistics about Kardmania

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