Series Company Year Ref #
Adventures of the Army, Navy and the Marine Leader Novelty Candy Co. Inc. ???? R3
Hercules of the Screen / Physical Culture Lessons Bonomo's Quality Confections 1940s R106
Torras Film Star Torras Chocolates ????
Frontier Days Parkhurst 1950s V339 - 5
Animal Quiz Cards York Caramel Co. ???? R16
Chiens et Chats Telemagazine 1970
Zorro Sun Pictures Unknown ???? W675
Big Chief Wahoo Chicle Advertising Corp. ???? R22-2
Big Little Book Series Unknown 1937 R23
Alvin Tattoos Fleer 1961
Animals and Flags of the World Nabisco 1965 R757-5
Baseball Stickers Fleer ????
Hockey 1990-91 Series One Pro-Set 1990-91
Bobby Sherman Plaks Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. ????
Bullwinkle Tattoo Transfer Fleer 1965
Comic Book Tattoos Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1967
Funny Monsters L.M.B. Co. ???? R780-5b
Hocus Focus Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1956 R714-26b
Hotel Greeting Cards American Tobacco Co. 1939 T71
Italo-Turko War Series Turco-American Tobacco Co. 1912 T75
Daniel Boone Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1965
Magic Tricks Glenn Confections Inc. ???? R85
World Famous Stamps Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. ???? R714-4
Woody Woodpecker Tattoos Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1959 R711-8
Uncle Miltie Bowman 1952 R701-7
True Fact Series Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. ????
The Story of the Atom Bomb Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1949 R709-3
Television Flip-It-Movie Gum Products circa 1953 R770
Guns and Pistols (French Ed.) Parkhurst 1953 V339-6
College Pennants Phoebe Phelps Caramel Co. ???? R31-1
College Pennants Phoebe Phelps Caramel Co. ???? R31-2
Comic Gum Gum Inc. 1934 R32
Comic Gum Gum Inc. 1934 R33
Dick Tracy Novel Package Corporation ???? R42
Flags of All Nations Interstate Gum Co. 1930s R49
Games and Magic Kraft Caramels ???? R57
Guess Who D. Goldenberg, Inc. ???? R63
Leader Discs Unknown ???? R79
Limericks Pulver ???? R81
Peco Animal Circus Peco Candies ???? R107
Historical Pictures La Sucrerie Canadienne ???? V127
Stars of the Movies York Caramel Co. ????
Bonanza Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1965
Military Caramels Philadelphia Caramel Company 1914 E5
[Quebec Stars] Unknown ????
Crazy Magazine Covers (3rd series) Fleer 1974
Pak-O-Fun Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1969
Flower Power Donruss 1968 R829-2
Rotten Eggs Fleer ????
Funny Travel Posters Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1967
Cigarette Making Girls Allen & Ginter ???? N46
A Bug's Life Small Town Toys Ltd. ????
Valentine Wood Plaks Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1960s
Animals Mueller, John Licorice Co. ???? R750
Space Age Pictures Mueller, John Licorice Co. 1950s R750-4
Celebrities Faultless Chemical Co. ???? E228
British Empire "Victoria Cross" Heroes Lowney, Walter M. Company Limited 1940s V408-1
British Empire "Victoria Cross" Heroes Lowney, Walter M. Company Limited 1940s V408-2
Partridge Family Posters Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1971
The Best of Cracked Magazine Fleer 1978
X-Ray York Peanut Butter 1968
X-Ray York Peanut Butter 1969
Views Allen & Ginter 1892 N53
Actresses Allen & Ginter 1888 N54
Our Little Beauties Allen & Ginter 1890 N57
Dickens' Characters Burlesqued Allen & Ginter ???? N61
Girls and Children Allen & Ginter 1886 N65
Actresses Duke & Sons 1880s N96
Albums of American Stars Duke & Sons 1886 N98
Gems of Beauties Duke & Sons ???? N111
Puzzles Duke & Sons ???? N125
Stars of the Stage (2nd series) Duke & Sons 1891 N130
Stars of the Stage (3rd series) Duke & Sons 1891 N131
Actors and Actresses Duke & Sons ???? N145
Photographs (from life) Duke & Sons 1895 N152
Living Pictures Duke & Sons 1889 N153
The Presidential Baseball Club Duke & Sons 1888 N154
Scenes and Buildings Duke & Sons 1889 N155
Magnum PI Donruss 1983
Puzzle Dot Parkhurst 1959 V339-11
Superman - The Movie O-Pee-Chee 1978
Basketball 1971-72 Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1971-72
Trains of the World Universal Automatics Limited ????
Monster Marks Fleer 1968
Super Pac-Man Fleer 1983
Military Caramels Dockman, John H. & Son 1910 E5
Movie Stars Shotwell Mfg Co. ????
Flip-O-Vision Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1949 R710-2
The Rookies Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1973
Know Your U.S. Presidents Colonial Baking Company 1976
Basketball NBL Futera 1993
Giants of Science Nabisco 1963
Movie Actor Photos Various Bakeries 1920s D1
Animals. Dogs, Flags, Planes, Ships Bond Bread ???? D7
Butterflies Weber Baking Company ???? D20
Film Stars Various Bakeries 1930s D32
Flags of all nations Unknown ???? D34-1
Flowers Weber Baking Company ???? D35
Great American Circus Unknown ???? D40
Magic Cards Unknown 1920s D50
The Pullman Kids in Wonderland Weber Baking Company ???? D69-3
The Story of Money Unknown ???? D75
Ways of the West Bond Bread ???? D89
Mother Gooseland Unknown ???? D91
Merry Christmas Cards Tip-Top Bread ???? D94-2
Pretty Colored Pictures Weber Baking Company ???? D69-1
Magic Cards of Knowledge Dietz Gum Co. 1930s R212
PBR - The Toughest Sport on Dirt X Concepts 2004
Laffs Impel Marketing 1991
Flags of Nations Series George Close Co. ???? E20
Home Pets Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1924
Film Star A&BC 1955
Official Drag Champs Fleer 1971 V426-3
Real Photographs (2nd series) Ardath Cigarettes 1939
Aircraft (series 1) Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1938
Gardening Hints Imperial Tobacco Canada 1923 C15
Animals 3D Cracker Jack Co. Mfgs. ????
Animals Millbank 1916
Girls and Scenes Tuckett, Limited ???? C115
Soldiers of the King Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1939
Kellogg's All Wheat Miscellany (1st series) Kelloggs 1945 FC9-1
Kellogg's All Wheat Miscellany (3rd series) Kelloggs 1947 FC9-3
Movie Actors & Actresses (type 2) Neilson Chocolate Company ???? V64
Wild Animals Neilson Chocolate Company 1930s V67
L'Heure Weston Weston Foods 1994
Sport Cars Unknown ????
Racehorses Goodwin & Co. 1883 N168
Dogs, by Wardle (Transfer) John Player & Sons 1931
Dogs, by Wardle, A Series (Eire) (Heads) John Player & Sons 1927
The Outer Limits A&BC 1964
Cover Ups Fleer ????
Grace and Beauty (series 2) British American Tobacco Company 1939
Poultry Alphabet Imperial Tobacco Canada 1924
Actresses Venable, S.W. Petersburg, Va. 1888 N359
Battle Scenes American Tobacco Co. 1901
Dogs Lowe, Joe Corp. 1959 FC47-2
Yellow Kid Scrip Pulver 1933 R176
Big Wad Fleer 1977
Movie Stars Bubble Gum Cards (Green Backed) Hamilton Candy Co. Dept. 1960s V429-1
Bird Cards McCormick Mfg. Co. 1935 DC1
Sport Pictures Briggs, C.A. Co. 1933 R348
Northern Birds by Fenwick Lansdowne General Cigar Co.
Kings and Queens W & F Faulkner 1902
Monster Tattoos (Series A) Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1975
National & Colonial Arms B. Morris & Sons Ltd. 1917
Sights of Britain (third series) J.A. Pattreiouex Ltd. 1937
Film Actors & Actresses Albert M.V. 1936
Wonders of the World R.J. Lea Ltd. 1938
Soldiers of the Queen Adkin & Sons 1900
Soldiers Cards Unknown ???? E7
Flags of all Nations Williams Caramel Co. 1920s E18a
Flags of All Nations Dockman, John H. & Son 1920s E18c
Flagum American Chewing Products Corp. 1933 E18d
Boy Scout Scout Gum Company ???? E41
State Capitols BBB Honey Kisses ???? E48
Dominion Athletic Stars Dominion Chocolate Co. Limited 1928 V31
Racehorses Kinney Bros. 1890 N239
Action Players Toronto Sun 1971-72
Fish Series Mrs. Smith 1940s
Fantastic Twisters A&BC 1972
Red Grange Shotwell Mfg Co. 1926
Automobile Goblins Candy (Ireland) 1920s
Trixie Trix Neilson Chocolate Company 1925 V66
Canadian Confederation Series Dominion Stores Ltd. 1927 DC7
License Plate World Wide Gum Co. 1940s V358
Avion Supertest Gasoline 1952 UOC2
Actresses Dominion Tobacco Co. (Montreal) C180
U.S. Army Uniforms Heide, Henry Co. Of New York 1915 E170
Actress Gum Heisels Gum ???? e180
Campaign Heisels Gum ???? E181
Children Heisels Gum 1890 E182
Battleships Tuckett, Limited 1914 C114
National Flags Laurel Confection Co. Ltd. V154
Birds Series Saratoga Products 1940s
Uniforms of the British Army J. & P. Coats Thread 1890s H654
Battleships Ward's Bakery 1910s
Disney Labels - Set 2 - Disney characters portrayed in various occupations Disney ???? D290-6b
Disney Labels - Set 3 - Snow White full figures Disney ???? D290-6c
Disney Labels - Set 8 - Merry Menagerie Unknown ???? D290-6h
Indian and Western Unknown ????
Tom Corbett Space Ranger - series 1 Fischer Baking Company 1952
Motion Picture Stars Ghirardelli Co. 1920s E160-1
Motion Picture Stars Ghirardelli Co. 1920s E160-2
Accurate Bird Studies Sen-Sen Chiclet Company ???? E225
Pennants Marshall E. Smith Company 1910 E248
Views of Hershey Town Type 1 Hershey ???? E257
Famous American Shrines Hortons Ice Cream ???? F54
Animal Cards Hortons Ice Cream ???? F55
Jello Girls - The Jello Girls in England Kraft Inc. ???? F216-2
Jello Girls - Foreign Fairy Tales Kraft Inc. ???? F216-3
Jello Girls - Children's Tales Kraft Inc. ???? F216-4
Royal Stars of the Movie Royal Desserts 1952 F219-3
Famous Indian Drawings Kelloggs 1950s F273-7a
Medabots Upper Deck
Delivering Mail Moirs Limited 1920s DC8
Famous Movie Plays Telfer Biscuit Co. 1920s DC3
Mr. Magic Tricks Novel Package Corporation 1950s R722-4
Wild West Adventures Novel Package Corporation 1950s R722-8
Peculiar War Ships McLaughlin Coffee & Company 1889 K64
National Flags Deland And Co.
Cricketers Harden Brothers 1948
Hockey Bee Hive (Group 1) Beehive Starch Company 1933-43
Footballers 1974 (Red Back) A&BC 1974
Famous American Heroes Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1940s 714-3
Adventures of Pinky and Perky (1st series) Como Confectionery Ltd. 1961
Adventures of Pinky and Perky (2nd series) Como Confectionery Ltd. 1961
Noddy and His Playmates Como Confectionery Ltd. 1962
Guinea Gold Series Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1899 - 1904
Actresses (Base E) Ogdens ????
Dave Clark 5 Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1960s
Lavergne & Sherley Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1970s
Gidget Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1960s
The Wonder Ships of Today Krugs Bakery 1930s D90
Art Series Cowan Confectionery Company ???? V4
Badges And Battle Colors Cowan Confectionery Company ???? V5
Movie Stars Bubble Gum Cards (Red Backed) Hamilton Candy Co. Dept. ???? V429-2
Movie Stars Unknown 1939 R96-1a
Famous Indian Chiefs Kelloggs 1962 F273-7b
Jell-O: Fairy Tales Kraft Inc. ???? F216-7
Disney Labels - Set 10 - Bambi Unknown ???? D290-6j
Disney Labels - Set 13 - Cinderella Unknown ???? D290-6m
Disney Labels - Set 14 - Peter Pan (Figures) Unknown ???? D290-6n
Travel Cals Kelloggs 1956
Kinney Shoe War Cards Kinney Shoes 1940s
El Hombre Nuclear Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 1974
Dino Data Burger King 1997
Info Dino Burger King 1997
BKCrown Dinosaurs Burger King 2012
Bird and Animals Standard Biscuit Company 1920s
Paris Exposition Orami 1900
Presidents of the United States of America Selz, Schwab, & Co. 1890
Cinema Stars (Second Series)A African Tobacco Manufacturers (A.T.M.) 1920s
South African War Scenes W & F Faulkner 1901
Clowns and Circus Artistes Taddy & Co 1920
Billiard Terms Salmon & Gluckstein 1905
British Queens Salmon & Gluckstein 1902
Castles, Abbeys and Houses Salmon & Gluckstein 1906
Characters From Dickens Salmon & Gluckstein 1903
Heroes of the Transvaal War Salmon & Gluckstein 1901
Magical Series Salmon & Gluckstein 1923
Owners & Jockeys Series Salmon & Gluckstein 1900
Shakespearian Series Salmon & Gluckstein 1902
Star Girls Salmon & Gluckstein 1899
The Post in Various Countries Salmon & Gluckstein 1900
Modern Miniatures R.J. Lea Ltd. 1913
Cinema Stars Smith F. & J. 1920s
Ogden's Guinea Gold - New Series 1 - General Interest Ogdens 1902
Vroom ProTrac Racing Cards 1991
Une autre première pour Barbie (Francais) Panini 1991
Batman holographique Unknown ????
Truc de Jeu Game Boy Lactantia 1999
Film Stars Shredded Wheat 1952
Film Star Series 2 Toccos (Athanassacopoulo) 1930s
[Antique Cars] Post Cereal 1950s
Maple Leaf Gum Stars (all black text) Unknown 1950s
Dutch Serie D Unknown 1953
I-Car-De Mayonnaise Film Stars I-Car-De (Aicardi) Mayonnaise 1920s
Star Parade Fritz Habeth & Co ????
Star Parade Schall-Film Etablissement ????
Film Stars Trinidad Tobacco 1920s
Anonymous Film Stars Unknown ????
Bird Series Scott-Bathgate Company Limited ???? V412
Roy Rogers in Old Amarillo Times Confectionery 1955
Roy Rogers in South of Caliente Times Confectionery 1955
Baseball 1910 (Obak)(T212) American Tobacco Co. 1910 T212
Baseball 1909-11 (T206) American Tobacco Co. 1909-11 T206
Baseball 1887-1890 Old Judge (N172) Goodwin & Co. 1887 N172
Baseball 1888-1889 Old Judge Cabinets (N173) Goodwin & Co. 1888-89 N173
Baseball 1887 Gypsy Queen (N175) Goodwin & Co. 1887 N175
Thinshell Battle Series Thinshell Candies Inc. 1940s R227
Baseball 1953 (Brown & Bigelow) Brown & Bigelow 1953
Football 1990 (Score)(Supplemental) Score 1990
Antique Auto Decal Salada ????
Dog Picture Series Robertson Bros. Limited 1935s V125
Military Medals Robertson Bros. Limited 1930s V148
Costumes Nationaux Meurisse (Chocolat) ????
War Pictures Morris B. & Sons Ltd 1916
Stars of British Film (B.V.D. Cigarettes) Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1934
Actresses "FROGA" Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Beauties "CHOAB" Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Beauties "Crown Seal" Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Beauties "HUMPS" Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Comic Phrases Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Flags of All Nations Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Soldiers of the Century Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Star Girls Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Type of Smokers Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Public Schools and Colleges Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1924
Famous Boxers Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1924-1928
Sports and Pastimes Hudden & Co. Ltd. 1924-1928
Beauties Hignett Bros & Co 1927
Beauties Hignett Bros & Co 1927
Actresses and Their Autographs Lambert & Butler 1898-1903
Admirals Lambert & Butler 1898-1903
Actresses "BLARM" Lambert & Butler 1898-1903
Stars of the Screen Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1932-39
Boer War Celebrities Lloyd, Richard & Sons 1900-1903
Zoo Series Lloyd, Richard & Sons 1932-1936
Pretty Girl Series Adkin & Sons 1897-1902
Adventures of Smilin' Jack Novel Package Corporation 1930s R138
T.V. and Radio Stars Chix Confectionery 1954
Famous Artistes Leaf 1960s
Beauties of To-Day Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1939
Escena y Artistas de Peliculas Cia Chilena de Tobaccos 1936
Famous Beauties Of The Day Blue Bird Magazine 1922
Film Stars O-Pee-Chee 1937
Recording Stars Madison Confectionery 1958
Film Stars Shirley s Gum 1930s
Radio & TV Stars King s Laundries 1953
Film / Pop Music Music-Fan Magazine 1950s
War Portraits Webb & Rassell 1916
Beautiful English Women Ardath Cigarettes 1930
Warriors of the World Bradas & Gheens 1930s R170
African Jungle Game International Chewing Gum Corp. 1920s
Famous Screen Stars Clevedon Confectionery 1959
Prominent Movie Stars Home Bakery Company 1920s
Soldier Ogilvie Flour Mills Co. 1940s
Baseball 1915 Victory Tobacco (T214) Victory Tobacco 1915 T214
Leading Actresses & Base Ball Players (Mono) (T217) Mono Cigarettes 1911 T217
1922 Fans Cigarettes (T231) Fans Cigarette 1922 T231
Baseball 1924 Diaz Cigarettes (N258) Diaz Cigarettes 1924 N258
Baseball 1916 Mothers' Bread (D303) General Baking Company 1916
Baseball 1922 Haffner's Big-Tayto-Loaf Bread Haffners Big Tayto Loaf Bread 1922
Baseball 1922 Gassler's American Maid Bread Gasslers American-Maid Bread 1922
Movie Actors and Actresses Willards Chocolates Limited 1920s V104
Movie Stars Universal Pictures 1965
Dutch Serie G (Printed in Denmark) Unknown 1960s
Dutch "D" Set (Plain) Unknown 1950s
Dutch "G" Set Unknown ????
Dutch "K" Set Unknown ????
Dutch "KF" Set (Postcards) Unknown 1950s
Dutch Nr Set (Low Numbers) Unknown ????
Dutch "S" Set Unknown 1957
Dutch "Z" Set Unknown ????
Dutch Serie B (B&W) Unknown 1951
Kings And Queens Of England Shredded Wheat 1950s FC26-1
Inventors and Their Inventions R. & J. Hill Ltd 1934
Actresses (Embossed) American Tobacco Co. 1900s T453
Famous Men Weber Baking Company 1920s D117
Movie Stars KINEMA Movie Theater 1917
War Ship Series McLaughlin Coffee & Company ???? K65
Melting Pot Comic Images 1993
Victory Series World Wide Gum Co. 1940s V406-2
Walt Disney Characters (dot after card number) Unknown 1973-76
Australian Beetle Series Shell 1962
British Birds (by George Rankin) Gallaher 1921-29
Dog Series (A1) Candy Novelty Co. 1953
The Yankee Boy and Girl Traveling Collins Baking 1900s
Finding Dory (Stickers) Panini 2016
Dutch Numbered Set 9 Unknown ????
Dutch Numbered Set 11 Unknown 1950s
Dutch 200 Set Unknown ????
Dutch Serie C - Name and Serie on Top Line (Printed in Holland) Unknown ????
Serie C - Name Only on Top Line (Printed in Holland) Unknown ????
Dutch Serie C (Name in Plain Text) Unknown ????
Dutch Serie FA Unknown ????
Dutch Serie K Unknown 1950
Dutch Serie MLH Unknown ????
Dutch Serie O Unknown ????
Dutch Serie P637 Unknown 1950
Dutch High Numbers (no period after number) Unknown 1974-81
Dutch High Numbers (period after number) (548 to 780) Unknown 1974-81
Dutch High Numbers (period after number) (801 to 956) Unknown 1974-81
Dutch Low Numbers (1 to 234) Unknown 1974-81
Dutch Low Numbers (381 to 398) Unknown 1974-81
Dutch Dina Idoler Unknown 1970s
Dutch Unnumbered Western Set 1 Unknown ????
Dutch Unnumbered Western Set 3 Unknown ????
Dutch Unnumbered Western Set 4 Unknown ????
Dutch Unnumbered Western Set 5 Unknown ????
Dutch Unnumbered Studio Set 1 (Symbolbilder) Unknown 1957
Dutch Unnumbered Jazz Stars (Jazzbilder) Unknown 1950s
Dutch Unnumbered Small Text Centered Set Unknown ????
Dutch Unnumbered Wide Border Set Unknown ????
Dutch Unnumbered Set 4 Unknown ????
Dutch Unnumbered Set 5 Unknown ????
Dutch Unnumbered Set Large Plain Text Unknown 1950s
Dutch Unnumbered Set Large Italics Unknown 1950s
Dutch Unnumbered Set Large - Small Text Centered Set Unknown 1950s
Dutch (Frida cards) Frida magazine 1980s
Dutch (Pa Scen cards) Unknown 1980s
Dutch (Frida - Anonymous cards) Unknown 1980s
A (Dutch)(1952)(Name in caps) Unknown 1952
Hellas Film Stars Serie X Hellas 1961
Hellas Film Stars Serie A (Wide border) Hellas 1960
Hellas Filmstjarna Serie 26 Hellas 1964
Motion Picture Stars Unknown 1930s R218
Baby Zoo Panini 1975
Baseball 2006 All Upper Deck Team Upper Deck 2006
Series K War Series Murray & Sons 1907-16
Actresses BLARM Baker A. & Co. Ltd. 1898-1903
Actresses British Leaf Tobacco Co. 1925-35
Wappenkarten (Coat-of-Arms Cards) Abdulla & Co. Ltd. 1928-33
Film Stars (Postcards) (series 2) Abdulla & Co. Ltd. 1933-39
Ancient Norwich Adcock & Sons 1928-29
British Empire Series Anstie E. & W. 1899-1904
Scout Series Anstie E. & W. 1922-26
The World's Wonders Anstie E. & W. 1922-26
Celebrities Atlam Cigarette Factory 1920s
General Interest Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1896-99
Boxer Rebellion Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1899-1904
Colonial Troops Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1899-1904
Types of British and Colonial Troops Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1899-1904
Guinea Gold Series (black and white) Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1899-1904
Guinea Gold Series (chocolate-brown) Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1899-1904
Animal Series Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1904-11
Actresses Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1904-11
Actresses Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1904-11
Actresses Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1904-11
Actresses Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1904-11
Indian Series Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1904-11
Sporting Series Godfrey Phillips Ltd. 1904-11
British Buildings Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes 1939 T46
College Pennants Reed Tobacco 1910-15 T50
Lawn Tennis Celebrities Gallaher 1928
The Leading Baseball Players, Police Inspectors and Captains, Jockeys and Actors in the Country in Full Uniform and Costumes Buchner, D & Co. 1885-92 N284
Nature Cards American Tobacco Co. 1907-14 T90
International Code of Signals International Tobacco & Cigarette Co. 1930-34
Old Ships (Second Series) Dominion Tobacco Co. (1929) London 1934-36
Old Ships (Third Series) Dominion Tobacco Co. (1929) London 1934-36
Roses J. Millhoff & Co. Ltd. 1922-33
Cricketers 1928 Wills, W.D. & H.O. 1922-39
Armée Française L. Larue Tobacco Jr. (Montreal) ????
Histoire de France L. Larue Tobacco Jr. (Montreal) ????
La Milagrosa Artistas Cine Enrique Serrano 1930s
Hollywood (Series 2) La Pie qui Chante 1932
Around the Mediterranean Nicolas Sarony & Co 1923-30
London View Series Burstein, Isaacs & Co. 1922-23
American Scenes with a Policeman Buchner, D & Co. 1885-92 N281
Actresses "ANGOOD" Jones Alex & Co 1897-99
Kalendarium Bild Unknown 1961
Kalendarium Bild Unknown 1959
Pigeons Cope Brothers & Co. 1922-26
Banemaster Chessex 1995
Film Stars Universal Cigarette Works 1920s